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From Temporary to Permanent

Our new home is located at 1336 FM 69, Quitman, TX 75783

Moving into your own home is an indicator of a transition into maturity. It moves you past the uncertainty that comes with being a guest and into the security of a fixed responsibility. It’s a step in the development of legacy. Legacy transcends our limitations as the best of us is passed along. The stability and security that are established in a home combine with the physical surroundings to facilitate tangible investment in others.

After 16 years, we are mature in our development to the point that the Lord is working out a way for us to steward a stable and secure home of our own. From the certainty of this fixed point, we believe we will only multiply the momentum which we are enjoying to this point.

As we prepare to move onto this new platform for ministry, we are presented with the opportunities that come with every transition. We’ve considered our resources, counted the costs and are planning for the needs at the new home. In doing so, we now respectfully, humbly and confidently ask for you to agree with us in this endeavor. Will you invest in our new HOME? What you would be investing in will include:


H – Honoring the Vision

Building on the strength of our original vision and the insight and expertise that has been picked up along the way. We stand on a proven foundation which has been set in place by our founders and thousands that have gone before us.


O – Operate with Excellence

Where we can be intentional in our presentation and customized in our arrangement, we will foster excellence. Excellence provides an environment which is safe and from that safe environment, freedom flourishes.


M – Mobilize Ministers

Over the course of the time that we have been invited into the deepest parts of people’s souls, we have seen truth played out in people. The truth of the Kingdom revealed in the ministry of Quest can be taught, transferred and released from the consistency of home. Those that are released will change things everywhere they go.


E – Expand Our Impact

With the ability to host comes the ability to care for. We will invite others in and share with them all that the Lord has given us to steward. The calendar is no longer a limitation, but an opportunity. The impact from care that comes through hosting will send out a sound; it’s the sound of freedom.

Partner With Us

Consider investing in our new home