Uncover truth, Unlock identity

and unleash the passion within you

Are you searching for the truth? Wondering what your purpose is?
Lacking passion in life? You don’t need to have it all together.
God wants to show you what He’s designed you for, and what you are capable of.

Quest: A Life Changing Experience.

Since 2002, thousands of men and women from all around the world have chosen to begin their Quest and walk in truth, freedom and purpose.

What can you expect on and from your Quest experience?

  • Affirmation of your true identity, increasing personal security and contentment
  • Authentic relationships and increased capacity for building more real and meaningful relationships
  • Fresh perspective of your purpose producing a renewed passion for life

Quest is a decision to connect with the Source of our very design, for the purpose of walking in the freedom Jesus promises to those who love Him.

Quester Stories


The number of men and women who have gone before you and started their Quest


States where Quest events held including Texas, Missouri, Michigan, North Carolina and Colorado


Countries around the world that host Quest events including the U.K., Bulgaria, Croatia and Israel

Upcoming Quest Events

Quest events are served by non-paid staff who have experienced the impact and want the same for others.

Sep 27 - Oct 1
Quest ^2 (Women)
Quitman, TX
Alumni OnlyRegisterStaff
Oct 11 - 16
Women's Quest
Quitman, TX
Oct 18 - 23
Men's Quest
Quitman, TX
Oct 25 - 29
Quest ^2 (Men)*
Quitman, TX
Alumni OnlyRegisterStaff
Oct 25 - 30
Men's Quest
Royston, GA
Nov 8 - 13
Women's Quest
Quitman, TX
No 15 - 20
Men's Quest
Quitman, TX

* Must have previously attended Quest.