COVID-19 Update:

Because safety is a priority, we are following guidance from government agencies and a group of medical advisors on cleaning and disinfecting the ranch for use. This includes using ozone machines to clean the air of potential bacteria and viruses. We will be conducting daily wellness checks, encouraging hand washing, conducting continuous sanitation, and offering PPE to staff and attendees to further reduce risks during the event. We also are reducing the number of participants during this first phase of re-opening. This will allow for more distance between attendees during sessions and reduce how many people share living space. As such, many of our events this year only have a few spaces left.

We are not reacting with fear, but desire to be cautious and respect the laws and directives of those who govern our state and our country. We are not called to be rebels, but rather to be citizens who obey just laws and love our neighbor. We’re a family, and we’re committed to serving you in ways that lead to safe places to find continued freedom.

Life and routines have been shaken. As a result, people are more aware and open to seeking God differently. They are looking for answers. There is a hunger for things that matter to people. What matters more than a person’s relationship with God? Many need to encounter God in a new and fresh way as we uncover truth, unlock identity, and unleash passion that will cause men and women to live with purpose. Take the opportunity to press into your relationship with God.